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George Alessandria, MA

George Alessandria, MA

Vice President, Financial Advisor

George Alessandria is an experienced financial advisor who specializes in helping his clients with everything from investing to retirement planning. He has been a member of Broadway Wealth Management team for the last five years, assisting numerous clients in building their financial futures. He enjoys getting to know his clients across all fields of employment, including those working in technology, sales, and marketing.

As a part of the team, George contributes with his strong interpersonal skills. He teams up with financial advisors of various backgrounds to research tactics and get the necessary information for his client's financial portfolios. He loves finding individualized solutions for his client's unique financial needs. Communication is one of his strong suits and adds to his ability to work with clients on a more personalized level while understanding their concerns. His knowledge and experience in the industry have led him to take a more one-on-one approach as he coaches his clients in both their long-term and short-term financial goals.

George is a family man and understands the importance of supporting loved ones through financial planning practices. His friendly nature and focus on his clients shine through in all he does. Contact George to get started.