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April is National Pickleball Month

April 28, 2023

My wife and I “retired” to Savannah 6 years ago, into this lovely community that provides a very active lifestyle for all of the neighbors. Somehow through a few social activities, my wife, Suzanne, learned of pickleball – a sport named after the “inventor’s” dog, Pickle.

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports out there. It’s basically modified tennis and it is played on a much smaller court using a wiffle ball.  It doesn’t require a lot of running, but it IS very aggressive at the net, with much rapid volleying taking place.

We’re seeing younger people start to play as well. It’s fast paced. Much faster than you’d think.

Suzanne now plays in tournaments. There is a “handicap” rating so you can play with people at your level.  We play on Sundays with a group of up to 24 people, and someone dutifully makes up the rotation, so one has a different partner and opponents each game.

Games play to 11, and last 15 to 18 minutes, then rotate to the next set of partners. I’ve found it to be lots of fun and very social. I encourage you to check it out!